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 Hatton in South Derbyshire, a small rural type village with a main trunk road running through it & a major link road between the M1 & M6 just to the North of the village. The road jct at the SaltBox, the old A50 & A516, used to be called the "Turnpike". We also have rail links to Derby & Stoke -on-Trent, & beyond.

Although the main picture is of a level crossing, called Tutbury Crossing, which is our near neighbour, but is actually in Staffordshire, the actual location of the railway is in Hatton, Derbyshire.

The station was closed in November 1966, despite the last service to leave was on 11th June 1960, but was re-built & re-opened & renamed "TUTBURY & HATTON", (albeit a shadow of its former site, now just 1 platform either side of the crossings) in April 1989.

The main employer is a coffee manufacturing company, namely Nestles. There are other industries as well.

Thanks go to P.Toye & C.Key, for giving their permission to use extracts from the "HATTON NEWS". Also thanks to the staff at TUTBURY Museum &.A.J.Ball & D.Greene.D.Pritchard.